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Dear Relatives,
Will you all have a successfull and joyfull year 2019!

We look forward to meeting many of you at our next reunion that will take place in Nienburg/Weser from September, 13th till 16th 2019.
The first stone bridge over the river Weser was a pesent of Landgrave Georg of Hannover who ascended the English throne in 1714. He had to cross the weser on a narrow wooden "summer"-bridge, which had to dismanteled every winter to prevent the bridge to be destroyed by ice drifting on the river. The first stone bridge was built by our common ancestor Johann Michael Führer (†1720) -  one more reason to visit Nienburg and to share into our meeting.

Our past reunion in Kassel in June 2017 was attended by 32 members of the greater Family. We had much joy to meet relatives from nearby and far away. Beside the meeting there was the possibility to visit the Wilhelmshöhe mountain park, the Wilhelmthal castle and the world famous art exhibition "dokumenta 14".

 The reunion in June 2015 took place in the old Monstery Drübeck nearby  Wernigerode in the eastern Harz Mountains and was a great success. Almost 50 relative gathered at the convention centre of the monastery and had much fun. We also visited the medival town of Wernigerode with it's old half timered houses.

We enjoyed meeting so many relatives at the Reunion of the
Furer Clan, especially all who came from far away. As they were able to experience we have a lot in common with our family heritage. In such modern times it is good to
know where from we all descend.

So, let us always stay together and remember what our ancestor
Julius Emilius Fürer (+1879) wrote to his son Wilhelm in 1876:

"The paternal house will vanish with my death to be the meeting point of the family.
However, fulfill my plea:
You my sons shall always stay together as you are brothers and never become indifferent strangers. You shall further on keep the bonds of love amongst you and do not forget the old connections when you make new acquaintances."

It may well be that this was the incentive to start reunions of the Furer Clan and to found the Furer Association thirty years after his death.

So let this plea of Julius Emilius Furer be cause to vitalise and to strengthen the connections and the relations between the families and the several branches of the Furer-Clan.

Best regards

Yours Hartmuth Furer

About the Furer-Clan

The association of the Furer-Family was originally founded on the occasion of the second Reunion of the Fürer (Führer) Family in 1908.

1909 the "Vereinigung der Familie Fürer (Führer) e.V." [Association of the Fürer (Führer) Family], had been registered with the Register of Associations at the Country Court [Amtsgericht] Kassel, Hessia, Germany; the Furer-Clan as association was inactive during the "Third Reich" from 1936 till 1945. In the year 1950 - after World War II - the Furer-Clan was re-founded as association and re-entered into the Register of Associations with
the Country Court Kassel, Hessia, Germany under No. VR 925.

Purpose of the Association

Maintenance of Family relations, promotion of Family-sense, preservation of the feeling of the connectivity of the various lines and branches of the Family, promotion of the Family interests and care of the Family history.

Family Crest of the Furer-Clan


Shield of Arms: In front of a blue background and on top of a triple-arched bridge there is a white crane; its risen right leg holds a golden stone. On the red-silver embossed helmet the crane stands with risen wings.

Motto of the Arms: Forwards and Upwards.
The crest is widely equivalent to the oldest known seal of the Fürer-Family which has been known for almost 150 years. In 1911 the family crest had been approved by the Family-Reunion and was slightly modified by the Family-Reunion in 1962. The crane is a heraldic symbol for the name Führer [leader]; the bridge refers to the progenitor Johann Michael Führer and the colours of the embossments remind you of the Hessian  State colours.

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The Sippenverband Fü(h)rer e.V. Kassel is registerd with the Amtgericht [Country Court] Kassel, Germany, under Register-No. VR 925 of the Register of Associations.

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