Furer Clan - Sippenverband Fü(h)rer e.V.

 First Reunion of the Furer-Clan in 1907 in Kassel

Reunions of the Furer-Clan (Familientage)

The Furer Clan assembles in a turn of every second year to follow the purpose of the Furer clan.

From September 13th till 15th we met in Nienburg on Weser, where we followed the track of our first known ancester Johann Michael Führer who erected as Master Bridge Builder the first stone bridge across the river Weser at Nienburg. The Bridge was a royal present of King Georg I of Great Britain who passed Nienburg in 1714 on the way to his coronation as the the first of the House of Hanover.

In 2017our reunion took place in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe from Friday, 16th til Sunday 18th June 2017. We enjoyed meeting many relatives we hn not seen for a long time. Together we explored Kassel City and the wonderful mountain park Wilhelmshöhe. 

In 2015 we met in the Convention Centre of the Monstery Drübeck near the picturesque town of Wernigerode in the eastern Harz Mountains. The reunion was a great success due to summerly weather, a great number of relatives and all common adventures. 

In 2013 reunion of the Furer-Clan took place in Berlin-Spandau in September. In the past most of the Reunions of the Furer Clan were held at Kassel, Eschwege, Weimar and Berlin. Just to name some of the locations where we have met.
We intend to meet in short intervals and therefore we kindly ask all members of the Furer Clan to join into our Reunions in great numbers ! We will be very pleased if more and more of our relations attend our meetings.

Reunion 2011 in Kassel
Last year from September, 30th till October, 3rd we have met at Kassel. There we all had the opportunity of visiting together the well known Herkules Monument on top of the Park Wilhelmshöhe with the Wilhelmshöhe Palace [the summer palace of the German Emperors till 1918 - now hosting the collection of fine arts, with pictures of Rembrandt, van Hals, Jordaens, Titian, Rubens and others]. We had best summerly weather for our reunion and for nice walks in the world famous mountain park of Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe. Many members of the various lines and branches of the Furer Clan had come to meet here.
We were a bit late to take this photo so many participants of the meeting either had left or were on a walk in the Park Wilhelmshöhe to see the Herkules Monument and the Water Kaskades running.

Herkules Monument on top of the Oktogon and the Park Wilhelmshöhe attracted the participants and many other visitors to visit the waterplays with the magestic natural fountain at the bottom-lake near the Wilhelmshöhe Castle.

The fountain arises up to about 50 meters just without pumping. Several thousand visitors watched the water-plays and the big fountain.

Our Reunion was a great success. 
At this point we have to say a great thank-you to all who attended the Reunion and last not least to our Honorary Senior President "Eisi" whose splendid organization enabled all of us to have a good time. She had organized our stay at the YMCA College at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe in an excellent manner.

The 2009 Reunion in Berlin Spandau

was a full success. 36 members of the Furer Clan assembled in this Reunion. They all came from near and far.  We were happy to welcome five members of the American
branch  of the Furer Clan.

Dieter excellenty guided the members of the Clan in Potsdam's beautiful Royal Gardens

Thank you all for coming. We hope that many more members of the Furer Clan attend the next Reunion that will take place in Kassel in Hessia, where many of our ancesters lived.