Furer Clan - Sippenverband Fü(h)rer e.V.

Friedrich Wilhelm Führer *1714 - +1781,
our 2. Progenitor

Why our second progenitor? After the tragic death of his father Johann Michael Führer in 1720  his mother, the widow Dorothea Führer, had to leave the two younger  children - her second son Johann Bernhard and her daughter Dorothea Magdalena - in care of other families. We have no information of their fate. Therefore Friedrich Wilhelm Führer is the second common progenitor of the Furer Clan.

Major und Commissarius of
the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel at Felsberg, Gudensberg and Niedenstein: He was well recommended as scientist and writer at his time (see Strieder in: Hess. Gelehrten- u. Schriftsteller-geschichte, Göttingen 1784).

Already in the year 1906 our relative and co-founder of the Furer Clan,  Prof. Justus Führer, wrote his biography under the title:

Major und Commissarius Loci,
Friedrich Wilhelm Führer,
ein Leben in Unruhe [A restless Life]

A second [german] edition is in preparation and will be printed in 2012.