Furer Clan - Sippenverband Fü(h)rer e.V.

Sippenverband Fü(h)rer e.V., Kassel

According to the Principles of our Association we enforce the Family relations, the promotion of Family-sense, the Preservation of the feeling of the connectivity of the various lines and branches of the Family, the promotion of the Family interests and finally research and care of the family history.

We strongly think that such goals still today are worthwhile to be preserved and taken care of. Especially since we are surrounded by a world of anonymous and egoistic persons.

Belonging to certain Families and Clans still is a precious value which should be kept.

From June 22nd - 24th, 2007 we were able to celebrate 100 Years' Reunion of the Furer Clan at Kassel Wilhelmshöhe

First of all we would like to send our greetings to all relatives who were not able to attend our bi-annual reunion at Kassel, Germany. Some were not able to travel to Kassel due to old age or to health reasons. Others had been hindered because of business, profession or other private reasons. We would like to express our hope that many of you might plan for the next reunion at Berlin-Spandau scheduled for May 2009.

This year’s Reunion at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe from 22nd till 24th, 2007 was a great success. We had to celebrate the hundred years’ jubilee of the first Family meeting that took place at Kassel in 1907. Beside the gathering of single families, greater families and branches of the Furer Clan we also had the opportunity to visit the world-famous art-exhibition „dokumenta” no. 12. The guide of the art-expert, Mrs. Fuhr, we enjoyed an engaged and very informative tour through the exhibition rooms and tents at the Karlsaue - a wonderful baroque park in Kassel beside the river Fulda.

The first Meeting of the Furer Clan at Kassel in 1907

Within the last 100 years since the Association of the Family Fürer (Führer) [Vereinigung der Familie Fürer (Führer) e.V.] was founded at Kassel, Hessia, Germany in 1908 and almost 60 years after the re-foundation in 1950 under the name „Sippenverband Fü(h)rer e.V.“ in Kassel the Furer-Clan has listed 742 known decendants from our common progenitor, the Master Bridge Constructor Johann Michael Führer, whose life ended tragically on the 12th of December 1720 at Minden on Weser.

The Hundred Years' Reunion of the Furer Clan at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, June 2007

At this occasion we like to express our thanks to the preceding generations who had led this association through a difficult century of two world wars, depression and times of economical growth. They were able to keep so many members of the Furer Clan together and in connection.

Nevertheless it is essential that a continuous rejuvenation of the chair takes place by the time coming in order to further boost and cultivate the interest in the coherence of the families, the twigs, branches and lines of the Furer Clan – who all descend from the master bridge builder Johann Michael Führer, died at Minden in 1720.

Nowadays the conservation of all relevant Family-data is done by help of a computer-aided databank, which we continually fill in with new informations. Every member of the Furer-Clan  is kindly asked to send all relevant data to the president of the Furer clan.

In 2017 we edited a new edition of the

List of Decendants of the Master Bridge Builder Johann Michael Führer
12.12.1720 in Minden/Westfalen.

Meanwhile this list tabulates more than 1000 descendants.

We also issue lists of addresses with our regular circular letters.